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Caring For God’s Acre

Britain has over 20,000 churchyards, cemeteries and burial grounds ranging from quarter of an acre to 45 acres. The community of grasses and flowers in an old site may have been there for many centuries, relatively undisturbed. Most cemeteries although more recent, were in place before the widespread use of chemicals and when wildflowers were still common across the countryside. Whether regularly mown or allowed to grow long, burial sites often contain the only areas of species rich, flowery grassland within a town, city or county parish. These fragments of wildflower-rich habitat provide incredibly important habitats for insect pollinators and other wildlife.

Caring for God’s Acre (CfGA) is a national charity dedicated to the conservation of these special sites which are found in the heart of communities and provides advice to burial grounds across the country.  Caring for God’s Acre is pleased to be working in partnership with Buglife and is encouraging burial grounds within the B-Lines network to do more for insect pollinators and show that these sites can provide useful habitat stepping stones for wildlife to move around the country.


For more information on managing burial grounds to enhance them for wildlife  or ring the helpline on 01588 673041