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Anglian Water's Buzzing!

Anglian Water’s Buzzing is a partnership with Anglian Water to help enhance their former offices in Huntingdon for our declining pollinators

Together with Anglian Water staff, Buglife helped to transform unused grassy areas into thriving wildflower meadows which are now alive with Wild carrot (Daucus carota) in summer, one of the favourite plants of hoverflies and beetles.

The meadows helped to create a wildlife-friendly environment for staff and visitors, while an interpretation board was also put up to explain the value of the meadow for pollinators.

Planting (c) Richard Smith. Anglian Water Logo

Planting (c) Richard Smith. Anglian Water Logo

Drought tolerant flowerbeds were also created by the project, to highlight how you can help to conserve our precious water supply and also give our pollinators a helping hand. 

A once scruffy area of negligible wildlife value has been revitalised with long-flowering garden plants which thrive in hot, dry weather, such as Lamb’s ear (Stachys byzantina), catmints (Nepeta spp.), globe thistles (Echinops spp.)  and Marjoram (Origanum vulgare). From having virtually no wildlife at all, Anglian Water has now recorded at least 7 butterfly and 4 bumblebee species feeding in the flowerbeds.

A key outcome of the project is the production of the ‘Buzzing Business Pack’ to help inspire businesses around the country to create habitat for pollinators.

The ‘Buzzing Business Pack’ offers advice on creating opportunities for pollinators on even the smallest unused patch of land- whether it’s a meadow or containers of wildflowers, a mini orchard or hanging baskets.

Anglian Water's Buzzing was funded by Anglian Water