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Adopt a Tansy beetle

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Limited Edition Adopt a Tansy beetle

The perfect present for a friend or family member, or a great way to support the conservation of your favourite bug!

From as little as £3.75 a month, you will receive

  • •     A personalised adoption certificate
  • •     A hand sewn Tansy beetle badge
  • •     A fact sheet about the Tansy beetle
  • •     A glossy photograph of your Tansy beetle*
  • •     Complimentary Buglife membership (if not already a member)
  • •     Annual update about our Tansy beetle conservation work

How will adopting a Tansy beetle help?

Adopting a Tansy beetle will support our Tansy beetle project and other essential work.

Our Tansy beetle project involves monitoring, habitat management and investigating possible reintroductions to boost the existing Tansy beetle populations.

* Frame not included. P&P is included in the price.

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