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Take part in Bee-fly watch 2019

2019 is year of the fly, and to celebrate we are supporting Bee-fly watch. These fantastically furry heralds of spring are usually active from March onwards, although with the unseasonably warm weather in early 2019 we have already seen records in February! Bee-flies are furry and can often be seen hovering over flowers using their long tongues to feed on the nectar.

There are four species of Bombylius bee-fly in the UK:

  • The Dark-edged bee-fly (Bombylius major) can be found in a range of habitats from parks and gardens to out in the countryside across Great Britain, but is less common in Scotland and the north of England.
  • The Dotted bee-fly (Bombylius discolor) is found in southern England and South Wales, but is expanding its range into the Midlands.
  • The Western bee-fly (Bombylius canescens) and Heath bee-fly (Bombylius minor) have much more restricted ranges and more specialist habitat preferences.

For more information download the bee-fly identification guide.

If you see a bee-fly please tell us about it – you can add your record by visiting the Bee-fly Watch webpage or you can add records via the iRecord website or iRecord app - they'll all end up in the same place!