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Survey results

Date 01/01/1970 - 24/08/2013
Locations 16
Quantity 17

Scottish Glow worm survey 2013 results

We have had a great response to our Scottish Glow worm survey this summer, with both larvae and glowing females reported from sites across the central belt and southern Scotland, including a number of new locations.

The majority of records were submitted before the upgrade of our website, so do not appear on the current map (yet), but we will be submitting the records to the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) database and also passing them to the Glow worm recording Scheme.

Glow worms and Slow worms

Our Glow worm walk and moth night at Fairy Knowe and Doon Hill SSSI near Aberfoyle this summer was a great success, with a number of glowing female Glow worms seen by all, and unexpectedly a Slow worm also stopped by to see what  was going on!  A good range of moths and a couple of craneflies and caddisflies were also recorded. 

Thank you for taking part in the Scottish Glow worm survey. Your records will help us to gain a better understanding of Glow worm distribution throughout Scotland.