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Make a mini meadow

Creating wildflower habitat in an urban space is great for pollinating insects and can create a colorful summer buzz in your garden.

You can help be creating a mini wildflower meadow or window box today.

Next spring why not create a mini wildflower meadow in your backyard. Nectar rich flowers such as Bird’s foot trefoil, Red clover and Greater knapweed are perfect for pollinators. Bees, flies, wasps, moths and butterflies are just some of the creatures you might find in your mini meadow next summer! So, get sowing!

Wildflower meadow©  Richard Smith

Wildflower meadow© Richard Smith

What you will need to make a mini meadow

  • Spade—to clear top soil

  • 3g of wildflower seeds (this should

  • cover 1m2

  • Watering can

How to make a mini meadow

  1. Sow the seeds in autumn or early spring. Scatter on bare earth (weed free) in full sun.

  2. Do not improve the soil– these plants flourish on poor soil.

  3. Once sown, lightly tread the seeds to bring them in contact with the soil. You do not want to bury them.

  4. If rain is not forecast, water in lightly. Cut back/ strim and remove the seed heads in September.