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North Lanarkshire's Buzzing!

North Lanarkshire’s Buzzing will work with local communities and the local authority to transform areas of amenity grassland into colourful wildflower meadows for both wildlife and people to enjoy

Species-rich grasslands are important habitats for wildlife, providing homes, nest sites and food for many species, especially pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies. With the loss of over 97% of our meadows across the UK, many of the species that rely on these habitats are in big trouble.

This partnership project between Buglife and North Lanarkshire Council aims to transform at least 5 areas of amenity grassland across the county into colourful wildflower meadows. These meadows will be created with the help and involvement of the local community through a change in management practices and the planting of plugs and seed of native wildflower species.

Wildflower meadows for people and bugs © S Burgess

Wildflower meadows for people and bugs © S Burgess

Additionally, North Lanarkshire’s Buzzing will encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature through a series of health walks. Volunteers and community groups, involved with the project, will be trained in the identification of commonly seen pollinating insects through workshops and survey days. This training will improve people’s confidence and also records of invertebrates across North Lanarkshire. If you’re interested in volunteering on the North Lanarkshire’s Buzzing project or attending events please contact Suzanne Burgess or Gabrielle Flinn directly or call the Stirling Office on 01786 447504.

 North Lanarkshire’s Buzzing is funded and supported by Scottish Natural Heritage, People's Postcode Lottery and North Lanarkshire Council