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New species found in amber

A new species of mayfly has been discovered in Mexican amber. Maccaffertium annae was found in early Miocene Mexican amber. This discovery is the first species of mayfly (Ephemeroptera), the first record of the family Heptageniidae to be found in this amber, and also the first fossil record of the genus Maccaffertium. Incredibly both male and female mayflies were found in the same piece of amber.


Plymouth preparing to Buzz

This summer the centre of Plymouth will be blooming, and buzzing with bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects as part of the Urban Buzz project. Work is already underway to create this vibrant new addition to Plymouth. Millbay Park, St Andrew’s Cross and Derry’s Cross roundabouts and along Western Approach will be full of beautiful flowers and buzzing with life come the summer. Buglife and Plymouth City Council, along with the help of some local volunteers will shortly be sowing colourful mixes of flowers throughout these areas, following careful land preparation.


Scotland wide quest for the largest nest

Buglife have launched a campaign asking the people of Scotland to find the biggest and smallest Wood ant nests in the country. With the help of the public, Buglife hope to map Scotland’s wood ant nests and enhance conservation efforts. By understanding Wood ant populations, we can hope to better understand the state of Scottish woodlands and reinforce our need to safeguard Scotland’s natural infrastructure.


Join the Hunt for Amazing Oil Beetles in Wales

Ymunwch â’r Helfa am Chwilod Olew Anhygoel yng Nghymru! Rydym angen eich cymorth i gynyddu ein cofnodion am chwilod olew yng Nghymru. Mae helfa chwilod olew Buglife ar draws y DU, sydd bellach yn ei phumed flwyddyn, yn ein helpu i ddeall a gwarchod y pryfed trawiadol a diddorol yma. Mae eu cyrff mawr du, gloyw â sglein glas neu borffor, eu abdomen hir, tew a’u cloradain nychlyd yn golygu eu bod bron yn anorfod y byddwch yn eu hadnabod wrth iddynt ymlwybro ar hyd y llawr.  


Devon County Council congratulated on bee-harming pesticides ban commitment

A pledge by Devon County Council to protect bees from harmful pesticides on council land has been warmly welcomed by Friends of the Earth, the Devon Wildlife Trust and Buglife South West.   The council announced its commitment on twitter following a meeting of its Cabinet yesterday:  “#Devon CC leader says authority will endeavour to stop using 'bee-harming' pesticides on its land& encourage other bodies to do the same”   


Rare spiders found in Northern Ireland

A number of rare spiders including one that hasn’t been seen before in Northern Ireland were found at a recent training course.  The course took place at Peatlands Park an area of bog, wetland and natural woodland habitat south of Lough Neagh that is well known for its biodiversity. The course was led by Buglife’s Northern Ireland Officer Adam Mantell.


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