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A creature once thought extinct in Britain has been living in deep cover in Welsh Woods

Blue ground beetle (Carabus intricatus) (c) John Walters

The Blue ground beetle, Carabus intricatus, a creature so rare that it was thought to be extinct in the UK until one was discovered in Dartmoor in 1994, has been found in Coed Maesmelin, in Skewen near Neath, a wood in the care of the Woodland Trust (Coed Cadw).


New B-Lines resources available

Wildflower meadow (c) Leanna Dixon

New B-Lines resources available to download. As part of our B-Lines initiative several new resources have been developed that will provide guidance to enable everyone to take part in creating the B-Lines.


Children and Communities Across the UK to Protect Pollinating Insects Thanks to £1.4m Heritage Lottery Fund grant

Learning through Landscapes’ Polli:Nation project enabling 260 schools help save the UK’s pollinators The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has announced support for the UK-wide biodiversity project - Polli:Nation, a programme which supports schools and communities in helping to protect the future of our seriously dwindling pollinating insect population. A grant of £1.4m has now been confirmed by HLF following the successful development of the project.


Beetles and stones greatest hits. New reports highlight concerns for Britain's leaf beetles and stoneflies

Evidence from the latest research into two UK groups of scarce and threatened insects reveals that many of our leaf beetles and stoneflies are giving sufficient cause for conservation concern to be placed on a ‘red list’ of species that are under threat of local extinction.


Funding appeal to save endangered Plymouth spider

Duncan Allen (c) Buglife

A crowdfunding appeal has been launched to raise money to find and save a spider from global extinction.


Local MSP backs green roofs for businesses

Falkirk East’s MSP Angus Macdonald has given his backing to a new project from the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative to encourage local business and industry to install green roofs on their premises.


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