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Stop Tilbury Expansion

Buglife have serious concerns over the impact on the national important invertebrate assemblage found on the site for the Tilbury 2 development and are making representations on the proposals.


Heavy Neonicotinoid Insecticide Contamination Damaging British Rivers

The first analysis of new monitoring data reveals that British freshwaters are heavily contaminated with neonicotinoids.  Half of the sites monitored in England exceed chronic pollution limits and two rivers are acutely polluted.    Aquatic insects are just as vulnerable to neonicotinoid insecticides as bees and flying insects, yet have not received the same attention because the UK Government has not responded to calls to introduce systematic monitoring.  


Bozena Jankowska marks the launch of her debut LUXURY collection with a new ecommerce sustainable luxury platform

Bozena Jankowska has launched her new ecommerce platform to mark the launch of her sustainable luxury debut collection. ‘This online platform is just the beginning for the label. I want to create a space where luxury fashion and sustainability are bought together to highlight inspiring stories about environmental and social issues that will make a difference to our lives’, says Bozena Jankowska the Founder and Creative Director behind the label.


Urban Buzz is Underway in Bristol

It is well known that pollinators are in significant decline. Buglife, the Invertebrate Conservation Trust aims to help combat this with the national Urban Buzz project. Recently launched in Bristol the project will inject colour and wildlife back into the Greater Bristol area, transforming mown and unused urban spaces into vibrant areas, buzzing with life!  The Urban Buzz project is funded by The Biffa Award, Bunzl, Garfield Weston Foundation and supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.


New analysis – Crop yields doing well and good news on sprays since bee-harming pesticide ban

As EU countries are poised to vote on a proposal to introduce tougher restrictions on bee-harming insecticides a new analysis shows fears that the existing ban would result in a huge loss of crops and a massive increase in insecticide use in the UK have not been realised.    Having committed to support the tougher ban the  UK is now able to argue that banning neonicotinoids can be cost-effective as well as environmentally wise.    


Buglife Scotland release new guidance to help boost pollinators!

Our pollinators are in decline! This message is coming from scientists, wildlife organisations and Government. Buglife Scotland has today released a new document that provides guidance for local authorities on how to help pollinators locally through a local pollinator action plan.   


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