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New B-Lines plan to help Northern Ireland’s Pollinating Insects

Buglife’s Northern Ireland B-Lines initiative will help our bees and other pollinating insects by restoring and connecting wildflower-rich areas across the country. Today the wildlife charity is launching the new B-Lines map which provides a plan to help our declining pollinators. 


Buzzing hotspot in Bristol wins Bees Needs Award 2018

We are delighted to have supported a Bees’ Needs award winning community project in Bristol as part of the Urban Buzz project. Working with South Gloucestershire Council and community groups, Patchway Common has been transformed into a buzzing wildflower meadow. Representatives from the council were presented the award at Kew Gardens, hosted by Defra and Green Flag Award in recognition of the collaborative effort of local people to create a haven for bees, butterflies, hoverflies and other pollinating insects.


Coul Links Seed Fly Added to Global at Risk Register

(c) Andrew Weston

An insect found only in the north of Scotland, and under threat from a new golf course development, has been been put on the global Endangered list. The assessment means that Fonseca’s seed fly now joins tigers and Blue whales on the list of species at risk of global extinction. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has published a global assessment for Fonseca’s seed fly (Botanophila fonsecai) which found the species to be  globally Endangered.


Rare beetle discovered at second site in Wales

The Blue ground beetle (Carabus intricatus), a rare and globally threatened beetle, has been discovered at just its second known site in Wales, coinciding with the launch of a new project aimed to protect it and the ancient woodland habitat in which it is found.


Adroddiad newydd yn amlygu dyfodol ansicr i wenyn gwyllt Cymru

Large mason bee (Osmia xanthomelana) is confined to a small stretch of the Llŷn Peninsula and is threatened with extinction in the UK © Natural Resources Wales/Mike Hammett.

Heddiw mae Buglife Cymru yn lansio Adroddiad Gwenyn dan Fygythiad Cymru, yr adroddiad cyntaf o’i fath i archwilio iechyd ein rhywogaethau gwenyn gwyllt sydd dan fwyaf o fygythiad. Yn anffodus, mae’r adroddiad wedi canfod bod saith o’n gwenyn wedi diflannu yng Nghymru, ac mae pump arall - fel y Wenynen durio fechan eddi hir (Andrena niveata) - ar fin diflannu’n llwyr.


Great news for pollinators

Buglife welcomes the funding promised by the Environment Secretary as a great first step towards securing the future of our precious pollinators. Coupled with the ban on neonicotinoids this is real affirmative action in the battle to arrest the decline of bees and other pollinators and preserve the buzz of life.


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