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Pollinators in Peril - Climate Change Threat to UK Bees

New Report on World Bee Day Paints Bleak Picture of Extinction and Decline   Climate change, habitat loss, pollution and disease are pushing some bees to extinction, a new report by WWF and Buglife reveals. The scientific research, published on World Bee Day (May 20), looks at bee populations in the East of England and finds many species are on the brink of extinction, with 17 species lost from the region entirely.  


Buglife x Teemill New Circular Technology Disrupts Fashion

Circular fashion has arrived, t-shirts made again from worn out t-shirts Plastic free organic material, wasteless printing powered by renewable energy Launching May 15th 2019    


Beekeepers Gather Outside Ministries Across Europe to Demand Bee Friendly Pesticide Standards Ahead of EU Vote on World Bee Day

EU residents fear that member states will undermine the ban on bee-killing neonicotinoids by opening door to harmful pesticides.  


Road verges can be key for pollinator survival

(c) Laura Larkin

A new report launched by Buglife has looked in detail at the role road verges play for pollinators across the UK. It concludes that road verges are important habitats for pollinators, providing food and shelter and connecting many habitats though they also present the threat of collisions and pollutants.


Natural England in firing line for loss of unique wildlife site

Buglife is set to challenge Natural England on its extraordinary failure to protect West Tilbury Marshes, a wildlife site,  within the Thames Estuary Important Invertebrate Area, that it has described as “irreplaceable” and claimed was being added to its SSSI designation pipeline.


Leicester Urban Buzz Complete

After nearly two years, Buglife’s Urban Buzz Leicester project has come to an end after working with local community groups to bring bees, beetles and butterflies into the heart of Leicester and smashing all of its targets!


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