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Fife’s parks Buzzing with life

After an exciting three-year team effort between Buglife, Fife Council, schoolchildren and community groups, over 13 hectares of native wildflower-rich grassland have been created at 23 locations across Fife. These new meadows are buzzing with life!  


Rachael Maskell MP champion of the Tansy Beetle receives award for dedication to the Species Champions Project

Rachael Maskell MP attended an award ceremony in Westminster on Monday 3 July to mark the first anniversary of the Species Champions project and celebrate the recruitment of 39 MPs from across the political spectrum.  The most actively involved MPs received awards from TV presenter Steve Backshall, recognising their efforts for nature conservation in Parliament and out in the field.


Rare Spotty Beetle Jackpot

Ten spotted pot beetle (c) Scott Shanks

As part of a year of activities to celebrate their 10th Anniversary, wildlife charity Buglife Scotland hope to rediscover some of Scotland’s rarest ‘lost’ bees, bugs and beetles. And spotting spotted pot beetles got the year off to a flying start.


UK Government urged to re-examine support for bee killing pesticides

Two new scientific studies published today in the top ranking Science journal throw further light on the profound damage that neonicotinoid insecticides are doing to wildlife and beneficial insects.  Buglife is calling on Defra Secretary of State Michael Gove to consider the new evidence of harm and undertake a review of the Government’s opposition to measures to protect bees from pesticides.


Newcastle University Retracts Claim that Neonicotinoid Ban Cost UK Farmers £18.4 million

A study produced in March 2016 by Rural Business Research and the Institute of Agri‐Food Research and Innovation at Newcastle University was widely reported in the media as showing that the neonicotinoid ban on flowering crops had cost UK farmers £18.4 million in increased pest control expenditure. The claim was made in the press release and was not made in the text of the full report.


Lord Mayor backs nature for charity appeal

Lord Mayor of Cardiff makes Buglife and RSPB joint beneficiaries of his appeal


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