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Conservation partnership unites to protect precious dune habitat in Sutherland from development

Scotland’s leading conservation charities are calling on developer to withdraw plans for golf course on unspoiled coastal site rich in wildlife   The Scottish Wildlife Trust, RSPB Scotland, BugLife and Plantlife Scotland have come together to campaign against a proposal to build a golf course at Coul Links in East Sutherland. The four organisations are aghast at a proposal which would destroy one of Scotland’s last remaining undeveloped coastal dune habitats.


A thrill for the shrill in Cardiff

The Shrill carder bee, Bombus sylvarum, the UK’s rarest bumblebee, was spotted at an Urban Buzz site in Cardiff. Through Buglife’s Urban Buzz Project in Cardiff, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust ran a BeeWalk workshop at Hendre Lake in St Mellons. The event aimed to discover which species of bumblebee were in the area and to support individuals wishing to take part in their national recording scheme BeeWalk.


Pollinators are on the prowl at St Nicks

There are a few final places left on the York Urban Buzz Pollinator Prowl being held at St Nicks on Thursday 11th August. The event, which will be attended by Rachael Maskell MP, is a celebration of the diversity, beauty, and importance of insect pollinators, which includes bees and butterflies.


Would you like a little more tea? Said the Mad Hatter

Yesterday, a great time was had by all at the Urban Buzz Pollinator Tea party held at Rawcliffe Country Park. There were bug hunts, story telling, face painting and a picnic, all to raise money for York based project Urban Buzz. Over 70 local children and adults attended the event to learn more about out bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects. They were treated to an afternoon tea, generously provided by Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tescos as well as performance of ‘The Hungary Caterpillar’ and ‘we are going on a BUG hunt’, captivatingly told by Gemma from Hoglets.


Buglife welcomes new controls on Invasive Alien Species

White-clawed crayfish

Buglife welcomes the added protection, coming into effect on 3rd August 2016, provided by the EU Invasive Alien Species Regulation. Our increasingly connected world greatly raises the risk of spreading alien species through trade, recreation and leisure activities. Not all alien species are harmful, but the relatively few ‘invasive’ ones can compete with native plants and animals, introduce diseases and change the character of wildlife for ever. Vigilance is needed. The EU Invasive Alien Species Regulation came into force on 1st January 2016.


Help Urban Buzz this summer by taking on a challenge!

Glen Gardens is awash with colour with its new wildflower meadow exploding with colour and buzzing with life. Part of York Urban Buzz, the Mosaic Garden at Glen Garden is one of the first of 100 sites across York to receive a ‘bee makeover’ to enable York parks to provide more homes for bees.


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