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Rare snails introduced to Pentland Hills

Conservation experts have hailed the first ever release of rare Pond mud snails in the Lothians as a “vital step” in efforts to save the species. Native to Europe, Pond mud snail populations in the UK have almost halved over the past twenty-five years due to habitat loss. Measuring a little over a centimetre in length and classed as a vulnerable species, the snails were previously found in only seven locations within the central belt of Scotland, a fraction of their former range.


Ben Bradley MP Takes Forward Bill to Save Britain’s Bees and Insects

Today Ben Bradley, MP for Mansfield is launching a campaign to save Britain’s pollinators in connection with Buglife, the charity devoted to the conservation of insects and other invertebrates. Ben’s Protection of Pollinators Bill which has been printed in the House of Commons, asks the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to help bees and other insects by protecting their habitat and supporting the creation of “pollinator corridors”.


John Muir Pollinator Way, funding success

(c) Suzanne Burgess

Thanks to funding from The Scottish Government and The Greggs Foundation, The Central Scotland Green Network Trust are supporting Buglife to create 25 pollinator ‘hubs’ at various points along the John Muir Way. This funding will allow Buglife Scotland the opportunity to expand and bolster the work already being undertaken to create the first urban B-lines in Scotland, The John Muir Pollinator Way. Buglife Scotland is 


Buglife reaction to London schools spider closure

(c) Steven Falk

Buglife notes with concern the closure of schools in Newham because of the discovery of Noble false-widow spiders (Steatoda nobilis).  We consider this to be a radical and unnecessary over-reaction to the tiny risk posed, indeed the spraying of the schools with toxic insecticides may be a higher risk.  


Cardiff Professor is new Buglife Chairman

River ecologist Professor Steve Ormerod vows to make the world more aware of ‘the most important animals on Earth’ after being appointed Chair of Buglife - the Invertebrate Conservation Trust. Steve Ormerod, Professor of Ecology at Cardiff University and co-director of the University’s Water Research Institute, was appointed as successor to Mark Felton at the September board meeting of Buglife - Europe’s only organisation devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates.


Wales is the first country to have a complete B Lines map

(c) Steven Falk

Buglife Cymru’s Welsh B-Lines initiative will help our bees and other pollinating insects by restoring and connecting wildflower-rich areas across the country. Today the wildlife charity is launching the new Wales B-Lines map which provides a solution to our declining pollinators. 


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