Saving the small things that run the planet

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Pollinator Pledge

Shrill carder bee (Bombus sylvarum)

(c) M J Clark

Will you take the Pollinator Pledge and help our hardworking bees, butterflies, hoverflies and other pollinators?

Our wild pollinating insects, such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies, are in decline and need our help. If we all work together, we will make a real difference to the health of our pollinator populations. Take the Pollinator Pledge, and pledge to do just one thing to help our hard working bees and other important bugs.

Five things that YOU can do to help save our bees, butterflies, hoverflies and other pollinators

Crowland garden (c) Roger Key

Crowland garden (c) Roger Key

1. Plant pollinator-friendly flowers in your garden. Choose native wildflowers or their close relatives. Many cottage garden plants and herbs also provide a great source of nectar and pollen.

2. Make a bee box. Drill holes in a log or bundle up lengths of bamboo, to provide nesting sites for solitary bees. We love upcycling, but if you fancy something a bit more stylish, how about one of these?

3. Put away the pesticides. They can harm bees and other beneficial invertebrates.

4. Leave your mower in the shed. Leaving some or all of your lawn to grow long can encourage wildflowers and provide areas where bumblebees can nest.

5. Join Buglife. From just £15 a year, you can help to support our work saving the bugs that run the planet.

Once you have decided what your pledge will be, why not take a picture and share it on Facebook or Twitter, to help inspire other people to take the Pollinator Pledge.