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Think before you pull Ragwort

Ragwort at Bug House © Paul Hetherington

Buglife is asking people to think hard before they pull ragwort from local fields and meadows. Ragwort has been implicated in the poisoning of horses and other grazing animals, though poisoning is actually much rarer than people realise and generally occurs when ragwort has been cut within a hay crop and fed to animals.


Bee Coalition welcomes Government’s public ‘Call to Action'

James Bailey

Members of the Bee Coalition today (Friday 18 July) welcome the Government’s public ‘Call to Action’ to help reverse the decline of bees and other pollinating insects by helping meet their needs for food and a home. The call comes ahead of the Government launching its final National Pollinator Strategy in autumn this year. On Friday 18th July, Environment Department DEFRA launches a public and practical Call to Action in support of Britain’s bees and to help people know what they can do to play their part in reversing bee and pollinator decline.


Trust rears rare Devon species

White-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) © John Mason

A Devon conservation charity has taken another step to help save a threatened native species. The Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust, based at Paignton Zoo, has teamed up with the Environment Agency and Buglife to rear white-clawed crayfish.


Bee Coalition welcomes new opportunities for bees with reshuffle

Emran Kassim

Members of The Bee Coalition today appeal to the new Environment Secretary, Liz Truss MP to step up efforts to address pollinator issues. On Tuesday 15th July, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that Liz Truss MP will take over as Environment Secretary after the sacking of Owen Paterson. Liz Truss, Conservative MP for South West Norfolk, has previously been active in bringing attention to inadequate flood defence systems following 2013/14 winter floodings.


Beetle cottages to solve a Scarlet riddle

Scarlet malachite beetle © Tristan Bantock

Buglife has built miniature thatched cottages at the edges of a farmer's field in Essex, in an attempt to save the rare Scarlet malachite beetle.


Buglife Exposes 2nd Misleading NFU Oil Seed Rape Pesticide Claim

In response to Buglife investigations the NFU has retracted a number of misleading claims it has made about the impacts of the neonicotinoid ban on Oilseed rape yields, but continues to promulgate information that gives a misleading impression.  This is not in the best interest of farmers who need impartial advice and healthy pollinator populations.


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